Saturday, March 28, 2020
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“Coca-Cola with Love”

Emotions are intangible. For this reason, it is not obvious how to build valued emotions into a product. The two primary ways to deliver emotion is either the product itself can engender emotion or emotion can be a response to external communications such as an ad that describes an emotion not fully found in the product. Love is complex. As a soft drink, Coca Cola cannot engender love, but it can deliver and ad that can. It can also deliver supported emotions, like satisfaction of thirst, pleasure in its taste. It may relax you or provide a boost of energy (due to the caffeine).

Indirectly communicating the brand’s lovability can be more effective to overcome counter-arguing or skepticism. Putting in visual movement or background noise allows a positive message to get through without being so direct. The impact of words, attractive pictures and music can minimize negative emotion and increase the likelihood of positive emotion. Advertisements that are more human are personal can stimulate positive word of mouth by having people in the ad “share” their love of the brand with other, stimulates the consumer to do the same.

Emotions felt when I see the “Coca Cola with Love” ad are associated emotions, which have historically been the primary focus of generating emotions. Without associated emotions or ads that inspire these emotions, Coca Cola would just be a drink in a bottle—a means to an end for quenching thirst.

This particular ad has the purpose of engendering mental associations- a tender moment between to people. The innocence of young love, the nostalgia of simpler times, when that was all you needed to fall in love. The ad lets you spy on this young couple sharing the same drink -Coca Cola- with two straws and perhaps understand what they are feeling because you have been there- right there in that moment at twilight time- and you wish to replicate that emotion by having a Coca Cola right now. Coca-Cola has done this consistently and successfully in their ads throughout the decades. By brining you into this moment, making you feel positive emotions and storytelling, the brand has differentiated itself from others as a brand that you could “fall in love with”-pun intended.

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